The last LITH production, “Hiroshima”, will be released on february 22nd 2015.

watch trailer on youtube !

For the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing, 10 years after the first sound experimentations, LITH extends the well known “Hiroshima” song ( originally published on “Gaia” album) with a new mastering and 5 new tracks and 4 remixes (Conjecture, Ex.Tension, Groupe T, [VUK]).

The limited edition (50 ex) comes in a full colored cardboard booklet with a DVD containing video clips and documentary speaking about nuke, Hiroshima and Nagasaki themes.

CD and digital versions are also available, containing only original tracks and remixes.

LITH “Hiroshima” is produced by Les Forges Alliées in association with Sinik Department.

website :

support palestineThe excellent greek SPECIES PRODUCTIONS label will release a compilation on August 15th in support of Palestine bringing together big names in Greek and international industrial scene : [basementgrr], cacophoneuses, conjecture, dirkgeiger, g.a.s, hanwar, infekkted, letzteausfahrtleben, lith, mobthrow, nicosiaterrorcorps, resgestae, tagoc, xsoz, zandozcorp.

Released soon : 2014/08/15. Keep in touch !

The french label, Les Forges Alliées, published a new collaboration album, KLTN008, where the noisy Fieberflug and the rhythmic LITH met together to make a pure piece of harsh rhythmic of ambient distorted noise…

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